Snake Bites

With summer coming, Children are more active. But they aren’t the only ones outdoors looking for sun.

As the weather heats up, parents are reminding their children to be careful. Not every snake, spider, insect or bug is dangerous and even those that are still serve an important role in nature, says Ernie Baldwin, the pest control manager at OKC Pest Control, in a news release. We maintain balance by controlling the rodent and bug population. When in doubt, avoiding them is best. Here is what children in Oklahoma and Texas should know about snakes.

In The West

Experts say they expect to see fewer rattlesnakes across California this spring than usual due to the drought, but children should still be careful. Rattlesnakes will send out a warning with a shake of their tail. If you place a foot or hand in a bad place where a snake is, its first reaction will be to bite. We caution anyone moving outdoor equipment. Kids along the West Coast should be careful of scorpions as well, which are active when it gets dark. Black widows are also dangerous.

In The East

The copperhead snake poses a hazard to any kid unlucky enough to get bit. Last summer, one child suffered a bite in the face behind his house after mowing the lawn. Water Moccasins who inhabit the region and are usually seen near the water. These two do not give any audible warnings. Nearly 500 calls were received last year for copperhead bites.

Treating a bite

If a child is bitten by a poisonous snake try to remain calm and get medical attention as soon as possible. Most folk remedies like trying to suck poison out do not work. Getting anti-venom at a hospital is the best course of action. Take photos or notes that will help identify the kind of snake that bit your child.

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