Pest Control Companies – Finding One You Can Trust.

There is nothing that bothers you more than bugs crawling around on counters. It can be rather disturbing, but it can also be the sign of a larger problem. If you’re seeing bugs creeping around your house this time of year, you are not alone my friends. As the warmer seasons approach, there are more bugs that are seizing any opportunity they can to get indoors to stay cool. May is actually National Pest Control Month, so even if you do not have a pest problem now, it’s a good opportunity to start finding an Oklahoma City pest control business just in case you need one later in the year.

In the year 2014, the better business bureau received 4,284 complaints in the US against Pest Control Businesses, which is a higher number than 2013. Most of the complaints say there were pest control services paid for which were never received. Consumers complained that extermination attempts did not work and a large majority of companies had hidden cancellation fees.

The Better Business Bureau gives consumers this advice when looking for an OKC pest control service that you can trust:

1. Compare local prices. Get bids from at least four different pest control services before making a final decision. The BBB provides a complimentary Request-a-Quote feature to make it easier to gather free estimates from local Better Business Bureau Accredited services. You can always check for a full list of BBB rated pest control services in Oklahoma City.

2. Ask about chemical safety. Because almost all pesticides and pest control chemicals can be dangerous to inhale or touch, make sure to ask the pest control company about the safety of the sprays or powders they use. Make sure to let the company know if you have pets or children as that may influence the chemicals they choose to use for your home.

3. Check for insurance and licensing. Make sure that the pest company meets Oklahoma licensing requirements by verifying the company with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. You also need to be sure to request proof of the company’s insurance and or bond in case of damage.

4. When in doubt get it in writing. Make sure that the promises and guarantees are clearly written in detail on the companies service agreement. Always make sure you understand exactly what the company says it will do if problem continues or come back after the initial treatment.

5. Make sure you carefully read the contract. Be sure you fully comprehend the nature of the pest to be eliminated and the scope of the infestation.