Pest Control Companies In Oklahoma Brace For A Busy Summer

The warm temperatures in Oklahoma have given ants, beetles, spiders and termites an advanced start on breeding and making their way into local homes, according to Oklahoma City pest control services.

Termite calls to OKC Pest Control in Oklahoma City started earlier than usual and are up from last year said said Jason Blair.

By “up” he means he’s had a half dozen calls already for 2015. But a half dozen by this time of the year is an indicator of a busy year, Jason said.

In the springtime, we usually will see termite swarms, but normally that’s March he said. We’re sure by the time we hit summer we will see an larger number because they’ve had the entire spring for more eggs to hatch. They’ll have an extra month to grow and possibly reproduce once again.

Oklahoma’s sometime humid climate with bitter cold winters aren’t the most welcoming to termites but some species of subterranean termites might colonize and cause major damage to Oklahoma City homes.

Several other Oklahoma pest control companies say that their phone lines started ringing after the first warm week of the year in mid February.

There are noticeably more termites at least a full month earlier than we usually would by now said Tom Diggins, owner of a local pest control chain.

Diggins said they are receiving a few calls a day from home owners who are afraid they might have a termite problem. Alarmingly 75-80 percent do actually have termites. Calls are also up for spiders, fleas, and ants as well.

We are noticing a big increase from last year, said OKC Pest Control manager Jason Blair. Its not going to be hard to predict that this summer will be busy for us.

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