How to get rid of spiders

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Searching how to quickly rid of spiders? With seasons changing, many homeowners find themselves wondering how to get rid of spiders in the house.

how to get rid of spiders

If you are looking for how you get rid of spiders in your home you must keep the spiders from coming inside: Make sure your doors and windows seal air tight, search for ways the spiders are coming inside:

  • Inspect your caulking, walls, and foundations and seal the areas that may be a problem. This is the number 1 way how to get rid of spiders.
  • Try not to stack firewood near your foundation. Keep trees and shrubs away from your exterior walls and roof, and mow and trim your grass regularly.
  • Secure your your chimney shut when the fireplace is not being used. This help deter spiders and other pests, and help lower your electricity costs as well.
  • Spiders and other pests can be brought into your house in grocery bags. It is recommended to use cloth grocery sacks and keep them in an airtight container between uses rather than throwing them in a pile on the ground.
  • Most importantly, wash your bananas. A deadly banana spider entering your home can be hazardous to pets and humans. These spiders can multiply quickly and become a nuisance.

There are natural ways how to get rid of spiders as well. You can use natural pest control products: Many of the same methods for controlling ants and cockroaches will get rid of spiders too.

  • Place glue traps around your home where you often see spiders, like under sinks, closets, beds, and behind televisions.
  • Spiders really hate vinegar or peppermint oil, use a combo of these two products against them. Spray entry points such as window sills and exterior doorways with a solution of a half cup of vinegar, One and a half cups of water, and fifteen to twenty drops of peppermint oil. This method works for a few days but you will need to retreat the areas often.

If you have a severe infestation, many which are found in older structures, may require a professional pest control company to tell you how to get rid of spiders. OKC Pest Control has many years experience dealing with spider infestations. We offer non toxic treatments that will get rid of the spiders and keep your family and pets safe.

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