How to get rid of fruit flies

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Need help finding out how to get rid of fruit flies? The tiny and annoying flies that you usually find near fruits and vegetables in your pantry are usually fruit flies. They are sometimes called “vinegar flies”. These pests are very hard to get rid of, but if you use our plan of attack, you will be able conquer the problem.

how to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies can lay up to almost five hundred eggs at a time on the surface of ripe foods and on organic material. The complete time from egg to adult takes approximately ten days so they multiply like crazy. They are also known lay their eggs in sponges, mops, garbage bags, cans, bottles, garbage disposal units, and sink drains

The best way how to get rid of fruit flies is to eliminate any source of attracting them so they won’t breed and multiply. Try not to leave ripened veggies and fruit like tomatoes, onions, or squash out in the open. Keep these items in the refrigerator. Make sure you clean all of your recycling bins that contain empty cans and bottles. Make sure they are empty and dry before discarding. Always make sure the sides and bottoms of your waste containers are clear of any liquids and food particles.

Even though all of the things that attract them have been removed from an environment, the adult flies will sometimes lay their eggs in a hard to reach spot like a drain. The cycle will start all over again. Traps can be used to eliminate new adults as they come out. Indoor traps can be purchased at most stores. Fruit fly traps, which are coated with a nontoxic substance, can be used to catch up to two thousand flies and last for up to a month. This is an easy way how to get rid of fruit flies.

how to get rid of fruit flies

You can make a trap at home using a cone shaped funnel out of an 8″x10″ piece of paper. Seal it with a piece of scotch tape and stick it into a clean jar. A good bait to use inside the jar is a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or a slice apple or banana. Place a few of these traps on kitchen counters and in your pantries. The flies go in the jars and usually can’t find their way out. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how to get rid of fruit flies. If you need professional help for a large infestation, please call us for help.