Home Pest Control Tips

It’s fair to say that every pest has an essential part in our ecosystem. When things get out of control these pests can multiply which causes a problem. A disruption in the natural balance of these pests creates havoc in households and businesses.

In order to protect our homes and the well being of our household, you need to consider some of these tips brought to you by OKC Pest Control.

Check for any and all signs of pests.

Most pests work in sneaky ways and before you know it, damages have already been done. It is good to know a few of of the warning signs indicating a pest problem. OKC Pest Control says to check on all walls, columns and anything wood that produces a hollow sound when you tap on them with a small hammer.

You should also, look for small mud/dirt tubes, and for any peeling or cracking paint that could be an indicator of the presence of termites. For bigger pests like mice or rats, look out for odors, footprints, or droppings and listen for scratching sounds coming from inside your walls.

Don’t not make your an inviting environment for pests. Reduce the risk of having your home being infested by being thoughtful of things that could attract pests and make them feel comfortable in your household.

Jason, a pest control expert at OKC Pest Control, recommends keeping your home free of garbage. Stored food and recycle bins should be kept in a sealed container.

Don’t give pests an easy access.

Jason also suggests finding possible crevices, cracks, and loose fitting doors that could be entry points for pests. You should repair any of these areas that needs attention. Replace missing materials like shingles and seal the cracks and other openings with caulk. You can also use screen mesh at the bottom of doors and windows.

Don’t make your house an ideal breeding area for pests.

Keep your house/business clean to make it unappealing to both breeding and living pests, says Jason at OKC Pest Control. Keep your carpet clean and vacuumed where fleas and ants might like to hang out. Also try to avoid having areas in and around your home with standing water such plant pots to keep mosquitoes away. Check for any possible water leaks on pipes, fittings and other sections. This will keep pests out which prefer moist or damp areas.

You can always ask for the professionals at OKC Pest Control for help if needed.

You can only do so much as a homeowner. There are some circumstances where you won’t be able to find the source of your pest problem and you wont be able to solve them through do it yourself applications. Call our OKC Pest Control team at (405) 622-5999 or visit them on the web at http://okcpestcontrol.net.

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