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Second only to bed bugs in “ick” factor is the idea of a flea infestation in your home. If you are a pet owner, your home is at risk of being invaded by the tiny, nasty insects. Fleas can be a minor annoyance but they can also cause allergic reactions in humans. If you have fleas on your pet, odds are there are flea eggs all over your yard and house. Thankfully, there are multiple modes of attack to save your home from being overrun by these pests. If you notice your pet itching excessively or losing large patches of fur, examine its skin closely.

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 Call your veterinarian. He or she will likely provide you with medicated shampoo, spray, and instruct you to bathe your dog. Then, take a flea comb to remove flea eggs from the animal’s coat. Your vet will also prescribe medication for your pet to take, as well as topical medication. Give the medication to your pet and apply any topical product.

Next, gather up all of the washable bedding, towels, and sheets in the house that the dog may have come in contact with and wash in hot water and strong detergent. Let your dog wander around your home after applying the anti-flea products; any fleas will jump onto the animal’s coat, ingest the poison, and die.

To protect yourself, apply a bug spray with DEET in it around your ankles. This will prevent uncomfortable, itchy flea bites from forming. Be sure to wash any and all bedding, stuffed animals, curtains, and any removable fabrics that can go in the washing machine in hot water. Vacuum all carpet and rugs every day for a month. Also mop any hard surfaces with hot water and floor cleaner (or apple cider vinegar diluted in hot water). Apply plastic covers to upholstery to prevent fleas from laying their eggs in the fabric. Be thorough in your cleaning. Fleas can hide in unlikely places.

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These are all things that are easily done by most homeowners, but the most important form of attack against fleas is calling a good pest control company to come inspect your home. Fleas can be almost impossible to kill at various parts of their lifestyle, so it will take an expert in pest termination to determine the best plan to eradicate fleas from your yard and home.

A competent pest control company will apply a variety of chemical sprays to even your non-washable items like furniture, upholstery, and carpeting. Entrusting experts for this most important step is critical, as they are experienced in fighting fleas and can do the most thorough job with a minimal amount of chemicals. A good company will advise you to clear your yard of any natural debris before they spray. Applying a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your house will protect your home from further invasion. Using a combination of all of the above techniques will ensure proper elimination of your flea problem.