Bed Bugs Control in Oklahoma

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Do you want to know the easiest way how to get rid of bed bugs without spending a small fortune on pest control?

How to quickly get rid of bed bugs in OKC is as simple as putting down powder called Diatomaceous Earth. This great product can be purchased in just about any home improvement store and works great.

Tiny diatomaceous earth granules acts by cutting into the bed bugs exoskeleton and causing fluids to leak out. This dehydrates the bed bugs and causes them to die. how to get rid of bed bugs

Diatomaceous Earth way how to get rid of bed bugs as long as the bugs walk through the powder. The bed bugs will become very irritated. It is guaranteed they’ll cover themselves with dust. Most how to get rid of bed bug articles recommend steamers. This is not the most time efficient way to complete the task but it will work with enough time and effort. Bed bug sprays simply do not work. The bugs simply crawl away quickly from the chemicals to another section of your home.
If you live in an condo or a apartment, it’s very important to notify the property manager.  A well coordinated bed bug control effort using an OKC pest control company is generally needed in such situations. Bed bugs will quickly spread from apartment to apartment, leaving many people unaware that they have these pests. In 90% of the cases we see, If one apartment is infested, connecting units should be assumed to be infested unless shown otherwise through monitoring or inspection. It is found that asking tenants whether they have bed bugs does not always work. We’ve recently found only half of the residents in a large apartment in Northwest Oklahoma City with bed bugs knew that they had a bed bug problem.
Bedrooms are the main location bed bugs inhabit, however, we have found that any room where people sleep in the home may provide an inviting habitat for bed bugs. Living rooms with couches and pull out beds are the next most common place to find bed bugs. Usually an infestation starts in one room and spreads slowly to other rooms where occupants are sleeping. The sooner you locate and treat the bed bugs the easier it will be to get them out. If you wait too long the bed bugs will spread throughout your home. We hope you’ve enjoyed our how to get rid of bed bugs article. If you’re unable to control the bed bugs yourself give us a call and schedule an appointment.
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