Are Moles Digging Up Your Yard? Here’s A Few Tips.

Are you seeing raised dirt trails around your yard or garden? Can’t figure out what they are? Most likely they are moles. Moles are burrowing rodents. They grow to be 5-8 inches in length and have gray fur, slender hairless snouts, and small ears and mouths. Moles have large front feet, long claws that dig like crazy. Except for breeding season in early to mid spring, moles live alone, so the tunnels in your yard is likely home to only one or two moles at the most.Here in Oklahoma, we have seen an increase in mole activity. There are several methods of getting rid of these destructive rodents. We recommend applying poison pellets along the moles recently traveled tunnels. This is done by locating a raised dirt trail and digging down a few inches until you strike the tunnel. After you have penetrated the tunnel place mole poison in the tunnel and close it up. The moles natural instinct will kick in and will quickly go back to work trying to open the tunnel back up. In the process they will find the tasty poison pellets you have placed. The poison takes roughly 8 hours to kill the mole. There are also traps you can place which we find to be mostly ineffective and costly. If your mole problem persists call the experts at OKC Pest Control. We will come out and give you a free consultation and treat your yard. Treatments start at only $65 and vary depending on the intensity of the problem and the size of your yard.

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