Ant Pest Control

When it comes to carpenter ant season in Oklahoma City, these pesky little bugs will find their way into your house and won’t want to leave. These are some little tips that employ common household items like vinegar, tape, water, chalk and more. You can protect your windows, doors, kitchen, patio and just about anywhere else carpenter ants like to cause trouble. Sometimes you will need to use various products to get rid of carpenter ants in your home. Hopefully one of these tips will work at your house.Pest Control OKC OKC Pest Control

See that army of ants marching towards those freshly baked cookies on your counter top? Create an ant barrier around the cookies by surrounding the perimeter with scotch tape placed sticky side up. This will stop them dead in their tracks! This tip is a short term fix but does not attack the ants at their source. Likely you need to bait the area where the ants are coming in so they can take that tasty poison back to the colony to share with their family and friends. After that, a Nyguard barrier should be placed around the inside and outside of the home to prevent them from returning.

If you’re tired of  sharing your living room with carpenter ants, give them a blast of boric acid along the crevices or cracks where you see them coming in. For do it yourselfers a kitchen baster can blow the powder into the hard to reach cracks, holes,  and any other difficult spots where you see a problem. Be careful though as boric acid is harmful to pets and children. Use this method wisely.

You can also keep carpenter ants away by making a line of chalk around your home’s doorways. The carpenter ants do not care for the calcium carbonate chemical in the chalk, which is just ground up marine life including shells. Homeowners can scatter powdered calcium carbonate around their garden to keep away carpenter ants. Keep in mind all of these tips are for a minimal infestation. If you have tried these methods with no luck it is time to call the professionals at OKC Pest Control. We have years of training and tested products for 100% elimination of these nuisances. Call us today if you’re tired of the fight. We’ll show them who’s boss.