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Pest Control Companies – Finding One You Can Trust.

OKC Pest Control

There is nothing that bothers you more than bugs crawling around on counters. It can be rather disturbing, but it can also be the sign of a larger problem. If you’re seeing bugs creeping around your house this time of year, you are not alone my friends. As the warmer seasons approach, there are more […]

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Snake Bites

With summer coming, Children are more active. But they aren’t the only ones outdoors looking for sun. As the weather heats up, parents are reminding their children to be careful. Not every snake, spider, insect or bug is dangerous and even those that are still serve an important role in nature, says Ernie Baldwin, the […]

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Watch Out For Termites!

pest control okc

Stream Watch Out! The yearly termite swarming season has arrived, and knowing what to do about them is a key in stopping problems. North Central Oklahoma has recently experienced small flights of native subterranean termites so far. They usually swarm during the day and are not attracted to light.Swarming is a way in which sexually […]

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