Termite Control Services In OKC

After completion of your termite inspection, OKC Pest Control will notify you as soon as possible to let you know the results of the inspection. If your house is termite free at the time of the inspection, you could qualify for our termite protection plan. This plan is just like having termite insurance. OKC Pest Control will guarantee to keep your property termite free for as long as you own it. Unlike our competitors who start at $20 to $30 per month for their services, OKC Pest Control offers a similar program for free. If termites happen to infest your home at any time while on our termite protection plan, we will service your home free of charge, saving you hundreds of dollars in termite services. As part of the our plan, we will also conduct regular termite inspections around and in your house on the same day we perform your regular pest control service. This will allow us to find any termite activity before damage happens to your home. To learn more about our termite service and to schedule your inspection, please call us at (405) 622-5999.

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Flea Control Services In OKC

We apply a variety of products including Suspend, Nyguard, and Exciter which act in harmony with each other to guarantee maximum control. Exciter will destroy any flea that comes in contact with it. Suspend is also a strong contact killer, but stays around as a residue killing fleas that come into contact with it. Nyguard is an Integrated Growth Regulator which causes physical abnormalities which is essential in sterilizing affected eggs and fleas. We always perform a blanket application including all furniture, carpet, and drapes that can’t be sterilized as well as our complete outside barrier treatment. OKC Pest Control recommends that you vacuum at least twice daily and dispose of your used vacuum bags frequently. Wash all upholstery, bedding and clothing. These places are an ideal breeding ground for fleas, leaving them undisturbed even after treatments are finished will cause further flea problems.

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Ant Control Services In OKC

OKC Pest Control specializes in the extermination of spiders and ants, including Black Widows and Brown Recluse. Call us for a same day consultation. Our goal at OKC Pest Control is to keep your house ant and spider free. We will accomplish this by using an effective product on most insects in the household. Unfortunately these pest products, sometimes, don't work as well on ants since the main ingredient in the insecticide will only fracture the colony and kills only the ants who come in direct contact with the product, which leaves the majority of the colony unaffected. However, today, we can treat your home with Phantom and Termidor. These products are specifically designed to destroy your ants. These new pesticides are meant to be slow acting so that the ants in the treated area will not die upon contact, but live just long enough to spread it to the entire colony, which ultimately destroys the entire ant community. This process takes 7-10 days to be completely effective. You will have to be patient during this process and let us know if the ant problem persists after that time given.

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Affordable Pest Control In OKC

The first pest control treatment is critical for our success in the process of getting rid of unwanted bugs or other pests. Our main focus is to push out these annoying pests from their living places near or in your home. We target the pest nesting areas, some of our customers experience an increase of bug activity for a few days. This will allow our preventative treatments to minimize future pest problems. Please let us know at any time during the period between your first service and first regular treatment if you believe that you are experiencing abnormally high pest activity. We will be sure to revisit to your property for free to re-treat and inspect the area if needed. Before your regular treatment service we always give you a courtesy call to inform you when we are planning to come as well as to know about your home's specific needs. If you are not home when we call we will leave a message telling you when we plan to come to your business or home. If for some reason this time will not work for you please call us back as quickly as you so we can so we can best help your pest control needs.